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Feb 2, 2009
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RPG that is. I have always been into RPGs, and have played literally 100s in the genre. I'm more of an 'old-school gamer'.

The Wii is my first "current" console. I much favor the old-school consoles, and truly enjoy the old-school gaming experience. In fact my Atari still works. I own an NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA, N64, Gamecube, PSOne, PS2 & Sega Genesis. Have a lot of accessories for all of them as I enjoy finding all the extras made for consoles before "moving on". Plus having kids I often tend to be broke and would rather get stuff that many folks don't have (or want) anymore (luv me them garage sales). I do game online now and then, but mostly to socialize (3 young kids @ home).

I have found it frustrating to find actual people that are willing to give out their Wii address, or even know what I'm asking for. So I am glad I have finally found this place :D
Hey, welcome to Wiichat! Hope you enjoy the forums.

An oldschool gamer, eh? I'm sure you'll be a welcomed member to the community in that case, not that you wouldn't be if you weren't. :lol: You've come to a good place to get tons of friend codes for other peoples' Wiis and other assorted games, definatly. I'm sure you know this forum has a lot of other great features as well, ofcourse. So yeah, I'll say it again. Hope you enjoy the forums! :)
Hey RPjunkie. Welcome to WiiChat. There are a bunch of RPG's coming out for the Wii this year in fact, so keep your eyes peeled. Enjoy the forums!
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ty for the welcomes

and yes i am aware of the future releases, but i also research new games thoroughly before by other gamers is great insight

however one thing really seems to bug me about this place... for all the help offered here, and all the threads on all the different games; i am completely dumbfounded that nobody seems to know about GameFAQs (, nor ever mentions it! GameFAQs is like "the gamers' bible". it has everything you need/want to know about a game and then some. not that i want to see people stop posting here, but i truly think the word needs to get out to new Wii owners that are not aware of that site!
Well, welcome.

As for the GameFAQs topic, I think we all know about it, and go to it for answers, but instead of telling people to go there, we just type them the answer that we find.

At least, that's what I observe. There's not too much site linking going on around here.

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