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Aug 15, 2006
Irvine, CA
Hey Everyone! I'm Aaron. I'm new at this board and I love the whole getting together and celebrating the most anticipated system since Gamecube. I, however, don't understand this whole signature thing. I can't put in pictures from other websites, but I see all these people on the boards with other website pictures on their sigs. Help?
Right click on the pic u want, click on properties and highlight the URL code. Now go to EDIT SIGNATURE at the USER CP and click on the little pic w/ mountains on it and put the URL code in the box that pops up and hit OK.

If u need more help PM me and add me to ur friends list:D
By the way Haku, u have 2 [/IMG]'s at the end of ur URL, take one away and it won't have that one sticking out at the bottom of ur sig.
Welcome to the forums, someone will be likely some use to help you with your problems but it's just not me.

Edit: Do you have photobucket?
Where r u getting the pic from, u were telling me about an external link or something earlier??? if it's over the limit 450width x 100height it won't let u put it....
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The following errors occurred when this message was submitted:
You may not link to external websites in your signature.
Your signature image(s) are too large. The maximum dimensions are 450w x 100h in pixels and the maximum filesize is 112.0 KB.

That's the message it gives me when I try to post it from photobucket
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