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Jun 28, 2006
Hi. Im Randomstickynote. My real names John Wang but I dont like to go by it because people say "Haha, your names Wang." and they point, and then I go ruminate and cry. :( Hahaha, jk, I love my name.

I'm more of an old school nintendo gamer tho, I grew up playing NES and SNES and I still beleive that they are the best games. I plan on getting a DS soon, and of course a Wii when it comes out however I prefered the name Revolution. Theres already a ton of people making fun of the Wii.

I'll prolly have my sig and avatar made and up by the end of the day although I am dissapointed that the avatars can only be 20kb. That really sucks....
Hey John or Randomstickynote, welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy this place as much as the rest of us :) As for the avatar situation, why dont you just downsize the file so it is not as big. Im not sure if your average paint can do it (other than making the image smaller) but programs like Gimp and Photoshop can. If you need any help just send me a pm
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No, thats not it, its that normally I do animations for my avatar. I had one made but when I went to upload it I couldnt, cuz its 65kb. I will just settle for the one now. I'm making a sig at the moment, I just found a good Shadow render.

EDIT: Its up now but I am not really satisfied with it. Well it'll have to do for tonight...
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Arcadium said:
Wwlcome man enjoy this forum as the rest of us and don't buy a ds buy a ds lite :)
Actually I was thinking the opposite. The DS lite looks a bit to small for me, it would prolly hurt my hands playing it like the GBA SP always did. Plus the GBA cartridges stick out, and that just looks crappy...
you can use www.gifworks.com to optimize the animations to make them fit under the size requirement

you'll want to use reduce colors under optimize and possibly resize from the edit menu

it is what i used for my avatar and it turned out ok
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