Hey Im new

Wii will rock you!

Did some one say Wii!?!?
Sep 5, 2006
hey whats up im new here and this place looks pretty cool. I basically know everything about the Nintendo Wii and the games i want is Red Steel, Legend of Zelda TP, Excite Truck, Call of Duty 3,

And so i've heard that theres gonna be a Paper Mario 3 is that true? I hope it is cause im a huge Paper mario fan

Well i see you guys around

P.S. The Wii will rock you!
Welcome and yes there is going to be a new one, but I recomend you to don't buy Call of Duty 3 because it doesn't have multiplayer.

Guitar solo

(puts queen gifs on the to make list)
Wiilcome from Joe Don Baker?