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Feb 14, 2007
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hey ladies and gents. my name is george. i am from north alabama. i work at best buy in huntsville. i am 20. i have the bestest girlfriend in the world. i think she likes playing the wii more than i do. i played final fantast XI for 3 1/2 years (since it was released on PC in U.S.) i finally gave that up. i have bowled for 8 years, right now i average about 215. you may call me george, geo, jorge, or whatever tickles your fancy.

i got my wii, zelda, and cod3 for $300 from a friend who had no time to play it between 2 jobs, college, and a g/f.

check it out, if you want to add mii as a friend last name is burruss
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So far I have. It was nice to join the site and have the high score in Power Throws, but the night I joined someone beat me ; ; Super duper informative site though.
yo people i have got my router now so i can go online with my wii, soon i will put my freind code on here, I currently have wii sports,wario ware smooth moves, they are both good games but to be honest Wario Ware gets a bit boring after a while. I am 14 m and from the UK =D I got my wii and a game for £210 =D
Hey! Welcome to WiiChat, George. ^_^ "you may call me george, geo, jorge, or whatever tickles your fancy." hah! i like that, 'whatever tickles your fancy.'! it sounds cool.. lol anyway, enjoy your stay and ill see yah around!
about that porn thing someone posted you cant watch all video's because its not the right format or something for the wii you can only look at pics and...i will give you some you cant go on e.g. Pinkworld, livejasmine, you can go on live webcam girls but thats all i have found...why am i even saying this am i mad lol...
hey, welcome to the forums. I actually played FF XI for 2 years. Pretty good game, but now I'm playing other mmo's. And its cool that your girlfriend plays the wii =D. Someone to play with. Hope you enjoy it here.