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Aug 7, 2006
hey, i am rodent. i am a HUGE mario fan. i love mario 2 the point were i will anoy any1 4 hours if they say something against mario. i am planning on getting the wii at launch (by preordering it) and downloading all of the great mario games!!!!

i obviously love nintendo. i also like microsoft, and the xbox/xbox 360 (although i do not own 1, and do not plan on owning any non nintendo systems in the future. i used 2 like sony, but now i hate them:mad:. i hate them for a couple reasons:

1. they keep messing up in there interviews

2. they seem 2 be ignorant of the fact that most people cannot afford 500-600$ for a system, and 100$ 4 a f#$king game.

anyway, if any1 wants 2 discuss anything, feel free 2 do it here.

especially if u want 2 discuss mario.

Ill probably be here all night!:lol:
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oh ya, btw i have been here 4 a while, but i wanted 2 introduce my self anyway after all, better late than never
Hey well I did like the PS2 I mean you can't deny that it was good system, but now there are actually thinking people will buy this console they will have to dig deep into their hardcore fanbase and hope they don't come out bankrupt like sony.
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