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Aug 27, 2006
Wales, UK
Hi, im new, obviously. I play a lot of chess, read, play my Gamecube and DS, and am 15 yrs old. Can't wait for the wii, and im especially hoping that perfect dark will be available for download, as i didnt buy it for the N64, with the expanison pack etc.

I hope this site will be really great, especially when the wii is out. And that, i hope, will be sooner rather than later. I believe the current roumers point towards sept 14th for all the info; release dates, cost etc. CAN. NOT. WAIT.
hiya! ya know, sometimes if i am counting down days till something big it doesnt feel like such a big deal when it comes out! This might be because i already know everything about it and there are no surprises. Or it could be that i was so excited every day before it came out and once it did i was like...now what? So dont rush the wii too much ok?
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