Home remedies for game scratches?


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Feb 13, 2009
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I have Animal Crossing for GC. After being "borrowed' by a toddler cousin, it's scratched. Everytime I put it in the wii

Disk can't be read blah blah.

Short of paying for a "disk repair service", does anyone know of any home remedies for removing scratches on disks? Thanks in advance!

BTW, I've heard of one with toothpaste but I don't want to ruin my console.
The best home remedy to scratches
Stop using your discs as coasters and look after them
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This wasn't an issue of ME mishandling them. Who uses games as coasters anyway?
I have heard of the toothpaste method but have never tried it myself. Are there repair kits you can buy similar to cleaning kits?

For dirty disks, a friend of mine told me (loooooonng ago) that you can put a disk upside down in the toilet and flush!
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Thanks so much Hub. These might just work. *hopes her AC will live again*
Whatever you do don't buy this little plastic thing you put the disc in and turn the handle. Whoever made that is laughing their ass off right now at the people who bought it. Seriously, it will totally **** up your disc.
Take it to a local video store, they usually have a disc repair machine for buffing out their rented dvds and games. Ask them if they'll clean it for you. (my video store charged $2 a cleaning, and it works pretty well.)

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