HoTD: OK The Ending !?! (possible spoilers!)


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Dec 31, 2006
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So last night my cousin brought HoTD Overkill over last night for us to finish. We were on level Overkill ,and not only did the level feel extremely short compared to the other levels, but the boss was completely easy ,and stupid. I said to my cousin this cant be it.

To our dismay thought the credits rolled, and the game was over. So like what the hell did we miss something. The ending was awful compared to the rest of the game. And, whats so special about Directors Cut mode. Is that the mode you can dual wield in? The directors cut mode just felt like it had more zombies in ,and that was it.

Finishing it last night just lowered my threshold of how much ill pay to own it for myself.

Ugh im just so disappointed with the ending.
Most of the House of the dead games have a score related ending (dont know about Overkill)
Think of it as a good ending
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Well it was the one where you battle mother you destroy her ,and that dude wants back in the womb then they are in the helicopter with varlas brain talking about washingtons problems when it turned out the pilot was a zombie.

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