How are you making money...?


The Crusher
May 21, 2006
How are you making money for the Wii this Summer? I am cutting lawns all Summer, starting since Mid-May, I already have over $400 USD, so I plan to have a lot by launch, but don't plan to spend it all on Wii. I'm gonna buy some GCN games and probably two GCN controllers.
but work dont do nights ot dont like the day
narr i got saveins to dip into
sod it ill wait out side a game shop in my shadow mike (has to put a cheat code to unlock it)cosy deck the fatest kid/bloke with one and run like F***
wii not its small

(balls shouldnt of said that bit out)
I'm working every day as of late. I should be getting a four hundred dollar check friday and I have over $550 in my bank account, but I'm going to California so not all of it is for the wii. But I'm makin' bank