how long did you wait?


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Nov 21, 2006
just tell us how long u waited in line. i waited from 9 to 12 at wal mart but didn't get one (it was idiotic because wal mart based the numbering on a group of people who had passed out sticky notes with numbers on them) they weren't even employees nor were they told to do so, the woman said she would be out at 11pm to tell us who would get one and who needed to leave. she came out at 11:45.....did not give us the information we needed,so we waited until 12 then didn't get one. We weren't discouraged because we only waited 3 hours compared to the 12 some people waited. so we went to target to see how the line was,it was 1 am at that point, we asked the people in line and they said they had 24 consoles,and we were number 15 in line we thought,thats perfect :thumbsup: so we had my mom go bak to the house for som sleeping bags and my psp and we camped out until an employee came out at 5 am to verify they had 24 consoles and to tell us that at 7 am he would be coming back out to pass out tickets to garantee you a wii, then he went back inside, so we waited another 2 hours and unlike wal-mart he came out at 7 on the dot and we got the 15th ticket. so then after that we just had to wait one more hour until they opened up to let us buy our wiis and until that point they passed out free popcorn and coffe,which was very generous by the way. when i finally got to the register I bought zelda twilight princess and of course a wii. i can't use it until christmas though because it's a christmas present, but yea thats how long i waited for mine
waited from 7:30am sunday till about 8:45am sunday toysrus let 5 people in early and i just happened to be lucky enough. i was the 31st person in line :smilewinkgrin: who can beat that quick time on the first day.

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that's impressive, btw mine was on launch also,but i waited a total of 11 hours i think if u add the time spent at wal mart
My Wii was preordered and I picked it up at a midnight release at EB games. :D

But my friend came from out of town to get a system also, so we camped a Circuit City (they were only receiving 15 units) from 930pm to 10am. Needless to say we were very cold, but it was well worth the wait.

The pictures of us out there make me laugh :lol:
I waited from 9am Saturday til 9am Sunday...was 16 in line when I arrived, 15 when I went into the store.

Gotta say, time well spent as I'm sure you'd all agree.
from 12 midnight till 8 in the morning. untill about 3 i sat in my car watching movies untill someone came and set up a chair and then everyone who was waiting in cars followed. i was 6th in line
I waited from 8am to 12pm and it was an awesome experience. I would say it was like breakfast club for nerds. It rocked. :cornut:
literally two minutes. i was prepared to wait 12 hours at a walmart, but when i got there after talking to 5 employees, a lady gave me a ticket :D.
17 hours i was 1st in line but it was cool since these rich kids next to me brought a projector and a ps2 so we just watched movies all night.
I wonder why my Circuit City only got 15. Im pretty sure, and I keep hearing on these boards, how other stores like Target, Best Buy, etc. got a lot more. Ah well :prrr: