how tf do I load wiiflow in dolphin with a usb stick


WiiChat Member
Nov 12, 2022
I'm trying to add covers in wiiflow and I wanted to test it. But there are two problems:
• I can't test it right away, because this is about my friend's wii mini. And live far away, without any type of transportation between weekdays.
• I don't know how to run wiiflow on dolphin, since I'm a bit new to dolphin.

I'm using the latest stable version of dolphin. Do I need to install the wii menu on it and run the homebrew channel? And even then, when I try to load the homebrew channel, it kicks back up to the wii menu.

As I said, I'm kind of new, and I don't want to wait for days to test it up and find out that it's not working, so I need to fix it, and test it the next day.

Basically, does anyone knows how to run and load wiiflow or any wbfs loader on Dolphin?