How To Know When The Page Will Be Updated!


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Jun 19, 2006
Wii Online Code
Well, at least I guess all you have to do is this, and it not only works with the webpage, it works either with the most part of the websites in the internet... with the most at least, for example, in youtube videos doesn't work, but all you have to do is this (use firefox)

I don't know if it really works good, but at least it worked to me, what you have to do is this:

1) open firefox
2) enter (usa english)
3) right-click in any part of the page that is in white
4) click show page information
5) Look where it says "Expires" or "Finish in" (I have it in spanish so I don't know)

It should say the next update will be tomorrow, anyway with the
it worked to me and updated just few things, like added this:

Hope it works on you and it will help you to get more wii notices.
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amon140 said:
it didnt work
It works, all you have to do its to look at the date, when you do it you will know when the new update will be(only used in firefox remember)
It works, it said expiring today at like 2 PM, WoOT :D
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Kunu said:
Works, they're "expiring" it today at like 11 AM.

Yeah was already updated with the UK and others info!

Eric said:
It works, it said expiring today at like 2 PM, WoOT

Yeah!!! Tell your friends!
lol yeah, i THINK he is trying to say that Firefox is better than Internet Explorer but im not sure because he says "it proves its worth". But the reality is that Firefox is better than Internet Explorer.

Back on topic, i think that the page gets updated in around 5 hours and 15 mintues
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maybe the only great update is the date, remember the webpage and the webpage are always with the date updated.