How to play with someone remotely


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Oct 25, 2010
Maybe I'm confused about what I thought the Wii could do. I am trying to be able to play together with someone on another Wii at the same time. I followed all the directions and we each have each other's Mii's showing up in the Plaza (Wii Sport) but then what? Clearly I am missing something :frown5:
You can only play online with games that support online multiplayer. Wii Sports is not one of those games. The games that support it will have a blue Nintendo WiFi logo and state they are multiplayer over Nintendo Wifi on the packaging.

This is Nintendo's official site which identifies the games available to play online:
yeah like youve had many n00bs here say "cod" that means call of duty its a sick online multiplayer game where your objective is to kill i like it but those n00bs have given us a bad name anyways u need to look at the games box and it will have a light blue logo that says nintendo wifi
lol that wasnt me it was my bro that gets pissed too much... anyways u need to check the box for a blue nintendo wifi logo