Wii sports question`


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Mar 3, 2009
I am new to this board..just got my Wii with the Sports Cd...
My daugher's Sports Cd has more options for each of the five games...mine only allows me to play one option for each game..
Do I need a different cd? or maybe my cd is bad??

just curious cuz some of the options on hers are really fun...
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on her Sports game there are more options under each game category..i..
bowling...regular bowling, then the option where you bowl to knock down as many pins as you can..the point is to try to knock down 100 pins in 10 throws...

golf..not just regular golf..but some target type games playing alone- you try to hit a golf ball over water toward a target.. ..
\if I have them I dont understand how to find them

thanks NJ
check on the lower right. there is a 'training' section with the games you're commenting on.
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Ok if I go to training I will get those other options?? thank you so much!!
If I remember correctly, when you play one, the next one below it will get unlocked.
There will be minor differences between the old Wii Sports discs and the most recent ones as well.

(Baseball showing a hitting lineup is one I can think of at the moment.)
I found some of the training games to be more difficult than the regular stuff :lol:
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Thanks for the help. I will give it a try today....love this game....
i love the training games, esp the bowling one with the barriers, i got up to lane 19 out of 20 on it. havent played for a while tho. im sure i can beat it.