Humted pic (it might make you **** your self)


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May 30, 2006
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This is a haunted painting, people say if you look at this painting, you could get curse.
its a thumbnail (its not as cursed if it is)
The story goes like this- (I’ll try to go fast )
Back in 19th century, some town in Europe. A young beautiful girl and an artist fell in love with each other. One day, some jerk came along and rape the girl. That girl killed herself. The artist became depress, and drew a paint of his girl. Then he killed himself too.

That jerk saw the painting after the artist died. For some reason he suddenly goes mad. He kept screaming: "Stop staring at me...” Eventually he poked his eyes out, and killed himself not long after that. People said, before the jerk killed himself, he continuously whisper “Stop following me… stop looking…”

After that event... The painting was lost for a while. Until recently, it has been found again.
Other artist starts examine this painting. Every time people looked at the painting, they would feel like they are being watch. As if the girl in the painting is directly looking back at them. One artist hung himself months later after studying this painting, it still remain a mystery why he killed himself, but someone heard the artist mention that he’s being follows and watch…
If you stares this painting long enough, the girl in the painting will continues looking back at you. Some say, at night, you might even heard whisper of a young woman.

That indicate she is right beside you.
ive seen this pic on another forum but the story was a bit diffrent. the story i heard was that the girl was jappaneese and she was raped and created a CG of herself just before she killed herself. no falling in love with another artist or the rapest killing himself but the rest is basicly the same
i0n said:
hehe, im just a real sucker for ghost stories thats all :p

Same lol but I had a feeling there was some kind of trick when he said "When you look at it in the tab, it's not as haunted" =P
Heh, yeah, the thumbnal doesnt do it justice. You have to look at the whole pic.

Although this one is a modified GIF animation, If you look at the real picture without the gay ghost face animation added in it does get kinda creepy looking at it. The eyes kinda change a bit (not from an animation just from you staring at it) The mouth turns to a sad smirk, its trippy.

Heres the unmodified version of the pic (no animation)
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how can a ghost face be gay
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seen better my self