I got MLB 2K8 thread - first impressions


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May 13, 2007
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I just wanted to share some opinions with people who rushed out to get it ... I would have had it release day but you have to wait a couple of days in Newfoundland ... that sucks, anyhoo ...

Overall the controls work well and the controls are fun. I've never seen anything like the pitching before, the catcher calls for pitches, and when you throw him the pitch he wants, it usually results in a strike. Batting is of course a laugh and I like how you can control where you hit. Best of all the difficulty is totally customizable ... if you want to see (insert crappy team name here) win another championship, here is you're chance!

Of course I do have some small grieviences with the game. The graphics (wii version) were only slightly above terrible, I'm left wondering if the PS2 version looks better. The soundtrack is rubbish, it's all weird rock music instead of straight out kick-ass rock. And finally no effort was put into getting the wiimote speaker to work - I totally miss that 'crack' sound the Wii Sports Baseball makes.

Oh well, still worth the $50 CAN I guess. I would recommend it for sports fans but if you're not that into baseball save your money and play Wii Sports.
Thanks for the little review, I think I will wait until it is cheap before I get it.

What with having just got some new games and hardly playing the others an all..
Well its only $39.99 CAN at my Best Buy here, so I may pick it up after Brawl.
Been waiting for my Baseball fix for awhile now.
How realistic is it? Can you position your infielders to play the bunt or shift your outfielders? Can you doublesteal? I want a realistic baseball game where you can do it all. The Bigs sucked and I am yet to try MLB PowerPros.
you can do all that,the throwing really surprised me,takes awhile to get used to throwing timing but just tap the control pad and the player does a nice smooth throw to the base compared to other games i played where they do a pitchers style throw to a base
My faq is almost done making but all i need is input from the wii users seeing how this faq is directed at them.

Heres a sample of the roster updates:
Rod Barajas-FA
Shawn Camp-FA/TB
Lance Carter-FA/LAD
John Parrish-FA
Scott Rolen-STL
Shannon Stewart-FA

thats the format used for ALL TEAMS. besides this and some players FAKE names,is there anything else you guys would like to see in the faq?NO PLAYER RATINGS PLEASE, 1. I'm bad at those,2. People using the 360 will probably give those 2ksports player ratings updates anyways so we have those to use