I had an idea for a Wii ad...


Nov 1, 2006
A kid... not really know what a Wii is gets one for Christmas and starts to play it. He plays Zelda. Then all the sudden he is dressed in Link's clothes and the Wiimote turns into a sword. You see creatures all around and he kinda swings scared but then gets really into it. Then it goes to Red Steel and some other games, each with changing atmospheres relating to the game. Then when it's all over, he looks at his Wiimote and says "What the f..." and then it cuts to a picture of the Wii saying "Very, very fun." or whatever that Ps3 vs. Wii said.
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stove167 said:
ok......... kind of a stupid thread
Meh, maybe. I have just been thinking about it for a while and I thought I would post. :)
Jenova said:
Cool. xD I think I'll make it. (I'm serious, I'll make it.)
That would be amazing.
I'll have to wait untill I get a Wii, and I have some free time... ALOT of free time...
stove167 said:
ok......... kind of a stupid thread
ok.........kind of a stupid post :smilewinkgrin:
I think the ad is awesome but it could get a little bit more detailed.