I hate Link


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Jun 16, 2006
[rant]He is THE most annoying person to play against on SSBM, seriously, I play Samus and I spent ages charging up my beam cannon, fire it at Link and then he BLOCKS it with his fricken SHIELD seriously this is bullcrap. Fair enough fox with his reflect, nes with his psi thing but link just has to be facing you and he blocks it, he blocks that, the missile [a missile ffs] also I believe he stops simply any projectile attack at him. Come ON you dont even have to push a button with him just face them and his impervium shield stops it.
whats wrong with that? if an object was coming at you, you would want a shield to protect you wouldnt you. and if it was coming faster than you can react you would want it to work on its own, right? but alas! it isnt you, its a video game. and link comes with his own shield. so why shouldnt you be able to block it?
link can only block when he is standing still, so if you were smart you would wait until he was jumping or running twards you and then shoot ... so im gonna have to suggest you, "learn how to play smash" also.

and Fox's reflect is way more cheap than link's shield... yet both are easy to maneuver around.
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I'm not saying that I cant get past it you'd have to be pretty crap at SSB to not be able to do that, roll, grab, bomb etc I was just saying that its like he has a passive move to simply negate many attacks, you have to agree it's not the easiest thing to do, charging up a beam attack at close range so if you take distance to charge it and then fire before you can be disrupted the other player just stops for a second then keeps going.

I'm fine with foxes reflect as the player has to actually USE it but have you seen how slow the missile and beam are? It doesn't take lightning reflexes to stand still for a moment, block it then keep going. Samus's missile and beam are some of her best attacks and wait til he's running towards you? Who the hell just runs at someone who's charged up an attack, someone who's either very good or has a bomb/item. This is basically an "I hate Link in SSB" thread not to mention his spinning swords attack :p and jumping down sword attack :p

I can beat Link as Samus, in fact I kick ass as Samus which is why my post is based around her and btw nowhere in my post did I say I was having trouble playing or I couldn't win blah blah blah. I simply stated that for something that appears to be prop related to the character it was strange how it managed to block so powerful an attack simply by proxy of it looking like a shield. Why don't bowsers spikes damage people who run into the back of him when he's standing still? That would be kind of the same thing wouldn't it?
Taero said:
Why don't bowsers spikes damage people who run into the back of him when he's standing still? That would be kind of the same thing wouldn't it?
that would make it a lot more realistic. it would be great if they put it in SSBB. and maybe have people jump on yoshi's back and ride it:D
Yeah well I use Link all the time and that 'standing still and dont do anything' is a lifesaver when playing against Samus projectile spammers. I also play Samus and I know that to get around that simple shield is to have the link player throw something or jump or move in order to remove the shield. Then I hit em with a missile combo or charge blast combo.

Same as what wiiener said: "you gotta learn how to play Smash" [well].
IMO Link isn't the most annoying to battle against - Fox is the one of the most annoying chars to battle if you're a Link player. So is Sheik. She's the most @#$&%*@# annoying counter character against link.

When I played Samus, I noticed there were situations where I fought against a Fox/Falco player and I did this ->
1. Samus Charge
2. Charge ready
3. Fire Charge blast at Fox/Falco
4. Fox/Falco put up his reflector
5. Blast bounce back and hits Samus

When I got up to step 3 I would immediately put up my shield as soon as I shot the blast. That was a way of protecting myself from Samus' backfire.

If you come across a Link n00b spamming Dair and Spin attack and I was Samus, I would wait until he spins then release charge blast at link or missile and evade if he tried to Dair and then retaliate while he's in his lag mode with a Dtilt or Dsmash or Dash A attack then follow with a missile.
this is really stupid to hate link but anyway... thats one of my 1rst 3 characters I like

So what? Your comment doesn't give reasons as to why you like to use Link? What part of him do you like when battling with other ppl? What characters don't you like battling against when using Link? Who are the other 2 characters that you like to use as an alternative to Link?

Taero: I agree with you about the whole Link 'dont do anything move and you'll be fine' but with other characters, you have to do something to defend yourself. Kind of injust isn't it?
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@ Arcadium : I don't 'hate' him hate him he just pisses me off I think in himself he's an awesome character, I like his lore and I've loved every game he's been in and I'll be gettin TP on launch day.

@ Others : Just so there's no mistake, I'm not on about his shield move that everyone has with the weird coloured ball around your character I mean his actual shield, the one he holds that looks just like a prop, maybe if instead of the coloured ball shield he swapped it for his actual shield.
Ok so you dislike Link because he can block attacks without moving, pressing a button, or anything. Wow. Ok, I hate playing against Link because he controls the pace so well with projectile spamming, and his Spin Spike is the most annoying thing ever. But I take full use of both of those features when I'm playing as Link, and I must say that little shield of his is the last thing I worry about. Just mindgame him.
Here is my favorite pro player, aniki (who uses link), vs. Ken (marth)


Aniki actually uses link correctly and smart... unlike Dair and spin spammers. I guarentee that none of you could last in a game with either of them. Dont complain about something as simple as link's shield until you actually know what "good" is on ssbm.

and no, this isn't lightning melee ... they actually move that fast.. ;)
search for more vids of aniki, there are much better ones than the one i posted.
Sweet I love watching Ken's mindgames, and I've never seen Aniki before.
Watching now...

EDIT: Ok I watched it... damn, Aniki is intense. Ken plays mainly mindgames, so most people won't understand it that much. You should show them a real fancy vid, like Hylian Nightmare. That'll make em fear Link, even if Aniki could own Germ.
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