The Legend of Midna


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Jan 3, 2007
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judging by the length of that story, and the title of this topic...

i can tell someones in love...:lol: lol


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Jun 25, 2007
All right, even though this hasn't been posted in at all for a month, I'd like to make one thing clear: This is NOT asw32's work; it's my work. I should have searched for my story on Google earlier -_-;; If you want the REAL story from where it originally began (which was in January 2007) and from its original author (me, EchoesofFlame - or N-Echoes, since EchoesofFlame won't fit on here), go here:

A bit cluttered, but I'm up to Chapter 17 and am revising Chapters 1 to 13 on

I probably should have paid attention to the fact that it comes up third or fourth on Google when you search "Midna"... -_-;

This was posted in 3 places: Smash World Forums, Nintendo Nsider Forums, and Technically you can count Golden Sun Realm and the Nightblade/Twilight Dragoon forums, but I never posted the whole story there. =P

Final note: Glad this guy's banned, by the way. I would have called for it otherwise. This has never happened to me before, and I don't intend for it to ever happen again -.-
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Jun 25, 2007
Major Tom said:
Great story. Not a great game sequel though... It would be a better anime.. Nintendo will not ever make this a game. [to much kissing and gore...] They might make an anime though. This is just not their game style. Plus for a game he gets his ultimate weapon to soon.

Heres some constructive criticism
1. Why does he have the Ordon sword.... He should have the Masters sword still.
2. You should rewrite Zelda's speech. That speech has been done a million times....
3. Like I said before it's done more as an Anime or Movie than a game.
4. You writing is excellent but try not to use to many scenes from different movies and books.

Well, here I am, about 3 to 4 months late. To answer your question:

1.) We see the Master Sword planted in the pedestal at the end of Twilight Princess. My interpretation was that Link felt it should go back to its rightful place and use another sword instead, which is why he no longer had the Master Sword by the time the story rolls around.

2.) That... was kinda the point for the speech. At that time we were reading Queen Elizabeth I's speech to her troops, and I really liked the way she did things, so I tried to make it work for Zelda. Not the best, but... I kinda like how it turned out. As for the whole anime thing - I didn't write this so that Nintendo could use it as a game, you know ;)

3.) See 2.

4.) Thank you. And I try not to, but sometimes it just can't be helped.

5.) And who said the Sacred Beast Sword was his ultimate weapon? ;)
Oh, and if you DO read up to Chapter 13 - do keep in mind that 11-13 really (and I mean, REALLY) need revision.

and to mk_south_london: Nope, not in love. Sorry =P I just felt that Link and Midna should have been together.... and, well, things just kind of fell into place from there.

Toastie: Thank you for the praise =D
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