I made a movie!

Awesome!!! I really liked it. Great editing. Are you looking for constructive criticism, or just putting it out there for everyone to check out?
Nice movie!

Your trying to point out that lego sucks?.I dunno lol

Anyways again nice movie!
haha wow that was awesome:lol:

GO ARMY MEN!!! I always loved playing with those lil green dudes so much better than Legos.

That was funny, and put together really well. Good job!

Is that like a digital video class? if it is then I'll link up the video I made for mine.
very nice, must have taken ages. i realised the meaning behind it was....

*Whole world explodes*

...and thats what it meant people.
Pritty good. What class do you take, Media?
- Camera was alittle shaky
- Who was the location manager? [Sorry had to throw it in lol]

Nice overall though lol
Good battle showing us that the army DO actually do stuff ^_^
is the theme to do with old vs new like because we have better weapons now were better than the old ones ?
Wii_Smurf said:
Good battle showing us that the army DO actually do stuff ^_^
Of course....battling pre-school tyranny everywhere they go....even inside your own house!!!

Sweet video, by the way. :lol: The music died out a bit in the middle, I like the stuff in Lord of the Rings, they really just belt it out. :/

8/10 :)
hey, kind of off-this-movie topic, but if you want to basically waste 10 minutes of your life laughing at a crappy horror film me and my friends made when studying Edgar A. Poe, check this out: My Movie

BTW- thought yours was pretty funny, just started out way too slow
LOL! Legos Versus Mini Army Men...

You Made A Very Good Movie Kit_Kat!!!

Are The Legos Symbolizing Communism WHile The Army Men Are Symbolizing The US?


Legos= Confederacy
Army Men= Union


Legos= Germany
Army Men= America, France, Poland, Etc.

Any Of Them Right? :D
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Thanks for the great feedback guys. OK so a little backgroud. As you can tell the camera wasn't as still as I hoped it would be but trying to get those shots without the use of a steady cam is impossible. Everything except for like a few shots were all done by hand on a small personal cam-corder. I did use a tripod for some shots.

Ok the theme of this piece is..obviously war, but even more so, its about the act of war. It is supposed to symbolize that war never changes, its always the same ugly battle and always for the same reasons. This film was actually a satire of war movies. The first couple of shots were of the house and it was important to show no people in them because it kind of has a Toy Story feel to it. When the people are away the toys will play.

As for the music, it is supposed to die out in the middle to create a giant climax when they go to battle. You are supposed to watch it with the volume pretty loud to begin with. Every time I hear that song I get goose bumps.