I need help you guyz!


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Nov 6, 2006
OK I need help for two things!!! One is either Zelda of Red Steel?:nonod: :nonod: I need help because they're both tempting! And two I could use one of thoe sigs you guys have where can I get one?
Zelda- Single Player , 70+ hours
Red Steel - Multiplayer , roughly 10 hours ?
Your choice.....:wink:
I would Sudjest both..i already pre oredered both of them...but if you can only have one then ZELDA ALL THE WAY...and for the future try posting this on wiichat...
technically its called newb...he is a newb but he will get better...a noob is when someone has been here for a long time and is still acting like a newb..
Fukin noobs. LoL Nah dude just get both. You can't really compare those two games.
If you can only get one
Get a job
Darkprinny said:
If you can only get one
Get a job
you know your starting to get on my f***en nerves!! why don't you think before you speak...maybe he's to young to work..or maybe he can't because of school...you know not everyone can have jobs...right now i can't work..so im doing the best i can...just don't bring ppl feelings down
Zelda is definitely the better investment on launch I think for the amount of game time till you can next get another game cause money is obviously a factor Zelda gives ya more time to save up