I Now Own a DS Lite


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May 9, 2006
Man, it rocks!

I was debating about getting one or waiting and after playing and holding one (and largely thanks to an extra $20 on trade in from gamestop) i decided to buy one.

Everything is improved over the original (see the main thread for all the details here)

All the new controls, sliders, buttons, etc are very tight (ie work well and don't feel loose or clicky)

Who else got on on release day? What do you think?
I got one but didn't own a DS before so no comparison. The screen is amazing though. Bright yet still good black levels and good overall contrast and the color saturation completely exceeds my expectations. Simply and amazing device for what I, as an adult (rather than a kid having to save up allowance etc.) consider an absolute pittance. Good job Nintendo.

On a side note, does anyone know the general return policy on opened games. I bought the sims and opened it but I haven't played it. I think i'd rather have mariokart DS. I bought the game at Target and most likely, though not for sure, have the receipt.
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most retail stores like that generally run 30-90 days for their return policy, some go down to 14 for games etc

i got mario kart ds yesterday as well, it doesn't handle quite as well as double dash but the amount of content in the game is amazing 32 tracks instead of 16, not sure how many racers
My cusin gave me his DS Lite and i gave him my regular DS becuase he did not really want a DS Lite as much as I did now I have a DS LITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My dad is coming home from out of town today and hes supposed to try and find me one so hopefully i will have mine tonight :D (dotn have a ds at all)
I pre-ordered and got my lite on US release day. I love it, the screens are brighter, *the power switch is away from the game controls*, the controls feel better, it is much easier to carry in a pocket, you can actually see the clock at night in alarm mode (rather than the backlights turning off, like in DSphat, they dim down to level 1, unfortunately, level 1 on the lite is the same as the backlights in the phat, which is bright enough to light up a dark room), the serial numbers are harder to wear off (I couldn't trade in my old DSphat at EB's, as they can't take systems without serial numbers), the stylus is much more comfortable, it's just a lot better overall. The best part is, after game trade-in's and selling my DSphat to my cousin, it only cost me about $40