I Sent My Wii to Nintendo


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Apr 12, 2009
I finally gave it up. But for those of you that fear sending it in....

This is my 2nd Wii. I sent my first one in last year. It came back in 10 days. Warranty was out but they didnt charge me a penny.

Now my 2nd Wii is turning off during SSBB and of all games Bomberman.
My controllers freeze and always in the middle of a chaotic fight. No disc problems yet. But I clean mine every 2 weeks.

So Fed-Ex picked up my package, prepaid by Nintendo on the 17th of this month.

I received an email that it was en-route back to me on the 21st. It was delivered on the 23rd.
Not many companies can compare to Nintendos service although I wish they made the Wii better. Its such a pain to keep it online, keep it working etc.

Dont be afraid. Just use their email/repair form. It will tell you if you are still covered.

And if you register at the Nintendo website register your Wii they give you I believe 12 months extra warranty. I will re-check that and post back.