IGN confirm no Dolby Digital for Wii


Apr 30, 2006
source: ign blog
Official Wii documentation supplied to development studios confirms that Nintendo's new console will be physically unable to output audio in Dolby Digital surround sound. This omission has nothing to do with Wii's horsepower and everything to do with the machine's lack of an optical output. "Optical digital output is not supported," reads official Wii documentation supplied to studios creating games for Nintendo's new consoles.

There is a single proprietary audio/video jack on Wii and users have the option to plug in different cables depending on their preference. According to developer documentation, Wii owners will be able to insert a composite, S-video or component audio/video cable into the jack, but all three come standard with stereo left and right channel audio cables.

Im pretty shocked at this and find it hard to believe.. i spose the hardware hasnt yet been finalised to build spec, so maybe Nintendo still have a chance add it later.
oh well....hey the bright side is thats one more thing to help lower the cost.

mine will still be run through surround sound anyway, supported or not it still sounds better than the tv speakers

theres one dream of spekers all around and one in hand for a true virtual exp (yes i have tryed vr it made the real world blocky for 2 hour atherwards)