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Hey guy'z!

Im James, AKA Wishale.. Some call me wish ;)

I'm kinda new to the whole wii experiance.. I knew a little bit about it before yesterday..

Yesterday it hit me! I need the wii! :p So.. Now i am set out to learn and so far i have done just that.. I have many questions.. And i'm sure you will answer them!

One question right now.. Where can i post random questions about wii? :p
Welcome! And try using search before asking questions, it might give you the answer. If it doesn't, just look for a forum that looks like the right place.
whats uppppp man!!!! i came here just like you looking for information on the Wii a system i quickly learned is going to be absolutley amazing.....well have fun.....and im sure all your questions will be answered on this site
yup, i learned a lot about the wii on this site. it has all the info and keeps you updated. although the release date and price is unknown, this place will tell you as soon as the word is out.
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lol, This sounds much better than all the 11yr. olds on ign's wii boards that just keep saying "Nintendo.. I hate you! You have made me suffer! :p "

And im excited about this site.. the only thing is.. I still have to keep active on my other 2 forums... Ign and d2jsp :(

Oh well! :p I'll have fun anyway!
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