I'm planning to get a 360....and problems:


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Dec 22, 2007
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Hey peeps! I currently own a Wii and I plan to become a Wii360 owner beginning of next year. The problem is, I have a PS2 also (with 56 great games) and I don't really play it anymore, since the Wii and PC keep me occupied most of the time. Now I plan on selling my PS2, but what should i do with all its games? I have 56 of them!!

I know that the 360 has a huge game library, great graphics, amazing online play and great multiplayer. This is why I wanna upgrade my PS2 to the Xbox 360. My friends are telling me to upgrade to the PS3 (60 GB version) so that I can play my PS2 games on it..and they also say that the PS3 is gonna have a great year in 2008!

So I'm totally confused on what to get - PS3 or Xbox 360? And if you're saying the 360, what should I do with my PS2 games?
i didnt think most PS2 games would play on PS3?
if you get a 360, you might want to get a couple of cooling fans:yesnod:
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Yeah the PS2 games will work ONLY on the 60 GB PS3, not on the 40 GB or 80 GB versions. So I should go for the PS3 and not the 360?

I know most are on the PC, but then again, more games will keep coming....
JAKE196 said:
Well if you have that many good PS2 games it's probably worth getting the PS3. Half the games on the 360 are on the PC anyway.
not everyone wants to spend 900+ dollars to get that.
I would get a ps3.
Xbox 360 can still have RedLightsOfDeath.

Also PS3
Built in WiFi(You have to $100 wifi thing for 360)
Great GFX
Free Online(360 $50 for online a year)
Bluetooth Headsets
Also the new game thing called home is coming and looks relly cool( youtube then type in ps3 home)
Blue Ray(worth $400 there)

And other stuff
well as an owner of both consoles, your best bet is a PS3. i mean 56 games is a shitload of money. you can probably get liek 200 trade in credit at a gamestop or other game store depending on yoru area. but thats **** for 56 games lol

the 60gb model isnt in production anymore and the 40 gb model wont play ps2 games. you only option is the 80gb model for 500 USD. comes with a 60 dollar game, motorstorm

most of the awesome 360 games came out for PC or PS3 anyways. so honestly, if u have wii/ps3/pc you wont be missing any good titles this year!

ps3 all the way bro.
so the real question at hand is do you have a really good gaming computer?

but the real thing is, its sort of stupid to ask which console you should get. you should look at the games they have out right now, and the games coming out in the next year or so and think: which console has more of the games i want?
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