IMO why not to worry about hd and plasma crap


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Aug 20, 2006
Miami Beach, fl
i have a flat screen monitor and a plasma tv, and let me tell that it sucks, why? bcuz if u watch the tv at an angle the screen and colors turn grey. also they super sensitive. plus they arn't BRIGHT compared to GLASS televisions. their very dull and expensive. i have a 50 inch GLASS SOLID THICK televisions and it looks beautiful and bright n sharp, don't believe me? go to best buy and compare an hd flat screen vs an hd glass screen. and i'm not alone in this, alottttaaa ppl agree with me at school and work....well i'ma go take a nice bubble bath now :)
IMO means.... in my opinion. I suppose your right, but I dont really know, I have a 20 inch crt.
Wanna trade TV's lol..
Having those kinds of TVs just make the room look better and of course if your planning on getting the composite cables then you are one lucky person

@Mecko: I think you mean component video cable, as these are what are used for progressive scan / higher definition or whatever... the composite video is the regular cable, for regular definition or whatever. I hope that made sense, hehe :).