Is anyone else bothered that Nintendo mislabels online games as "WiFi"


May 1, 2007
Wi-Fi is a well established acronym. Nintendo is using the term improperly, especially considering the ability to wire your Wii directly. Having a "Wi-Fi" connection does not necessarily mean access to the internet.

Even more screwy is that the WiFi alliance owns the copyright to the name/logo. So WiFi capable games and even the Wii itself aren't actually WiFi certified :crazy:

It could make since to say the Wii has a WiFi connection but labeling the games in this manner makes absolutely no sense. Its like saying "the new copy of firefox is WiFi capable" ?what? The application doesnt even touch that layer of the network stack!!!

Maybe its just me. Being from a technical background makes using correct terminology important.
When I first picked up my Ds Lite and FF3 I was kind of mad that it wasn't online, I thought it was, via the Wifi logo. But now, it grew onto me since I have a better understanding of it.