Is It a Good Idea to Microwave a Pikachu and a Platinum question


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Nov 8, 2007
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Here's a funny video, showing what happens if you microwave a Pikachu doll. It's a very good video


Also is it worth buying Platinum, if you've already played Pearl?
I played diamond start to finish and the day after I bought platinum. The noticable changes keep you on the edge, and makes it worth buying.
Why buy platinum?
1) If you are a competitive player, move tutors changed the ENTIRE metagame.
2) If you enjoy a challenge, the post story content is expanded and deeper.
3) If you enjoy story line, the Team Galactic saga makes alot more since, the tone is somewhat synical and more interesting, and the expanded sinnoh dex of 220, is much more excellent options, and over all, just more...robust.

Almost everything that was almost fail in pearl/diamond, was improved or fixed in platinum...over all, 100x the better game
Ooooold video... Lulz. Pikachu must die. :p

See Strype's post for reasons to buy Platinum.

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