Is the Wii Supposed to do this?


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Nov 24, 2006
Toronto, Canada
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In stand by when someone sent me a message. Is it supposed to grow brighter blue, dimmer blue? Attached pictures.


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Yeh, that's perfectly normal. That'll happen if 1) the Wii is updating, or 2) a message has been sent to your Wii.
Yes if you have that setting on. You can set the box so tha that the slot does not illuminate at any time.

I love it so I know when a message has arrived even when my box is in standby mode. I think it will also be handy when Nintendo starts to "push" updates to the console as you will know when a message has arrived about that.
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vagrant said:
It will pulse. And you can change the brightness to DIM and OFF in your wii settings.

Wii Manual is your friend.

Yeah read it already. I have the setting set to Bright :thumbsup: