Iwata: Wii Is Not Next Gen


Apr 30, 2006
Talking to Japanese business publication (Nikkei Business), Iwata distances the Wii console from the rest of the pack, stating the Wii is not an extension of a previous incanation and therefore it cannot be classed as 'next-gen'.

"Nintendo is not working on a next-generation console. ‘Next-generation' implies that the console is an extension of previous installments. We believe that extending our current line will not lead to larger markets and could possibly even lead to smaller markets."

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Sounds like semantics. In fact, the Nintendo is the next gen and 360/PS3 are current gen with better graphics.
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Yea you're probably right, just i think a lot of people see the term 'Next-Gen' as being the latest processing power, the most advanced graphics etc, and maybe Nintendo are wanting to distance themselves a little from this.
Mario Famous said:
Nintendo has something up thier sleeves. They wouldn't do this without a reason.
You dont think they will pop out with another console do ya??? </sarcasm>

Well, if they were able to enchance a gameCube to play like the Wii, then I wouldnt say its next gen anyway.
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The Wii doesn't seem to be much more advanced than an Xbox, so he's kind of right that it's not really a next gen console. It hasn't deterred me from buying one though.
Hmmm, yeah, "next-gen" isn't really right for the Wii, it's not an upgrade, but technically it's "Next generation" if that makes sense to you. It adds a new concept to gaming, getting the gamer more physically involved with the game, but in the sense of next-gen technology, that's not REALLY right. I know what I mean if you don't.:lol:
i0n, MrJim and I are of like mind. If you define next gen as an upgrade then its not but I think that's a misnomer. Next gen should be the new technology, the thing that changes the face of the industry etc. To me, Plasma was the next gen in TV technology when it came out. The plasmas available in 2006 are not next gen to the ones from 2005 though. Again, this is my opinion on what next gen SHOULD mean.
I agree exactly, Nintendo has always been the company to step up it's game and come out with new technology to bring to the gaming world. The Wii is a next gen system to me, I've never seen a motion sensor controller to use for gameplay.

Basically all anyone has said is it depends on what you man by next gen. I've more often seen next gen refer to an actual paradigm shift (like the Wii) than an upgrade (like the 360) so I'd say the Wii COULD be called next gen.