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Oct 10, 2006
i was wondering can the wii support japanese games ? and also can it support japanese gamecube games ?
If you buy a Japanese Wii, you play japanese Wii and Japanese Gamecube games on it.

If you buy an American or European or Australian Wii, you can only play games from their respective regions on it.
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NOOOOOOOOO damn it that sucks you think theres gonna be like a freeloader or something
That is quite possible. I'm considering the possibility of being able to use the GC freeloader on the Wii, but only for GC games of course. Not sure if it will work, but there's always the off-chance.
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yeahh haha i could just be a non lazy person and switch the switch on my gc and plug in the cords but thall take forever... hahah but i mostly meant the freeloader for a wii you think they would have one ?