Japanese wii to American internet question


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Aug 3, 2009
When I was living in Japan, I bought a Japanese wii. Before returning, I asked Nintendo of Japan and America about connecting my Wii to the internet in America. Unfortunately, Nintendo gave me some vague and stupid answer that really amounted to "Well, if you bring your Japanese Wii to America, you won't be able to play American games because of region encoding, and also the language is different on theWii" and I was like no ****, and also that is so not what I asked.

Well anyways, I poked around on the tubes and couldn't find anything helpful for me. So ... my question is this: can I connect my Japanese Wii to the internet and download updates? Or will it go crazy and brick because Nintendo has done something very silly with their networks? At the very least, I'm hoping to harass my friends with my [strike]frightening[/strike] beautiful Miis.

My Wii is unmodded, which does indeedy make a difference. Thanks so much in advance for your help.
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Um....that's not really what I'm going for. Anyone with experience would probably be the most helpful :wtf:
Connecting to the internet shouldn't be a problem. I would think you'd have PAL/NTSC issues though.
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I'm not worried about PAL/NTSC woes. Region encoding is stupid. But I'm hoping to download updates, especially to get the SD memory management thing they added a few months back. Would be nice to get my pictures off...heh ^^;

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