* Ki-Wii's * - For New Zealanders.

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lol kia ora NZers! how ya night goin
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yeah man i agreee, i passed easy as, but hey that was a few years ago now, techs wayt harder but way more fun
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lol a mean tech as in polytech/university, currently finnishing my diploma in conservation and environmental management

homophobic? If I had it my way I wouldnt even live in Las Vegas:frown2: .
But seriously "yank"? Isn't there any thing better then that? It reminds me to much of base ball (d**n I hate base ball), and needless to say it just sounds weird.

By the way: super smash bro: who is your favorite Naruto charicter?
This Is Just My Opinion Okay...

I have seen every _Jap_ episode so far includeing shippuden, and he begans to act very b****y(er).
And don't forget the fact that he kills my to favorite charicter's and he almost killed Naruto, and he joined Orochimaru...shall I go on?...:)
Hey guys (or should I say Kia Ora) I'm from NZ. I don't own a Wii but I am saving up for one. Should have one by the end of the year hopefully. I have a Cube and a 64 and I'm quite hard out at DS. But yeah hi.
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kia ora guys hows it going, well i got me a DS lite with Mario Cart, maybe if we have enought kiwis with DS and mario cart we could start a tourney :smilewinkgrin: however i need way more practice lol i get pawnd everytime by hard out japanese players lol