Less than a week to Launch and no preorder on Amazon?


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Nov 13, 2006
What gives? I could understand when they werent selling pre-orders a couple months in advance, but here we are literally 6 days from US launch and Amazon STILL has not opened up pre-orders en masse. (Yes I know there were two brief windows where pre-orders were opened, but from the press following them, they seemed almost accidental.)
They promised another wave and have not pulled through. And they claimed the other two preorder windows were "glitches." Basically, they're full of sh*t and a bunch of douchebags. I gave up preordering from them and got in on the first wave of TRU preorders.
I've been very surprised at Amazons poor management of Wii preorders, im sure many expected them to have the most efficient system of all online retailers.

I dont believe they've accepted any UK preorders as of yet either.

(Consoles i mean)