LGC 2006 - Mario Strikers Charged


Apr 30, 2006
Here's the official press release:

Take to the pitch as Mario Strikers Charged (the follow up title to Mario Smash Football) returns with an all new roster of features, only for Wii.

• Use the skill the Wii Remote and Nunchuk Controller provide to win the ball, score unstoppable goals and take control of the goal keeper to perform spectacular saves

Characters: Mario is joined by other famous Nintendo characters who take on the role of captain. Players then select a host of popular teammates to make up the rest of the team.

How to progress through the game:
Players form an original team by combining one of 12 captains with three of eight sidekicks before competing in one of the games many modes. Anything goes in Mario Strikers Charged as players are allowed to utilize a variety of special abilities to clinch important goals.

Super abilities/power ups/moves/features: Each captain has their own set of skills, super abilities as well as the ability to perform special shots called Mega Strikes, where the iron ball splits up to five balls and flies at the goal. The defending player must use the Wii Remote to target and aim at and shoot these balls out of the air before they concede a goal. In this game players can also charge energy to the metal ball, making it more likely to find its target when fired at goal.

Each of the stadiums in Mario Strikers Charged have various characteristics and contraptions, which influence game play. Players must learn to use this to their advantage to truly dominate the pitch.

Mario Strikers Charged will not only feature an action packed multiplayer mode but will also support the Nintendo WiFi connection service, allowing players to take part in tournaments with people from all around the world.

From what i can tell the following characters are confirmed and were selectable on the demo:

Bowser, Peach, Mario and Donkey Kong.

Mario leaps into the air and fires the ball down from the sun. Another player holds up his hands, using the Wii controller to block.

Balls appear at points on the screen, and you have to drag the hands to their position to block in a split-second.

LGC 2006 - Mario Strikers Charged


LGC 2006 - Mario Strikers Charged 2


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Hmmm i wouldnt get this game because probably (maybe) EA sports might bring FIFA 07/08 (maybe they wont release 07 out on Wii because they dont want to risk it and they want to see how the wii sales are) or a Pro Evolution game(are ProEvo games exlusive to sony?) Yeh but I think it would be better to play with the real players rather than the Mario characters. Well thats just me for you.....
The feel of Mario Sports games are much different to EA sports so they bring a completely new dimension to the sports, thats why i find them fun although they get much more repetitive then the normal sports games but they are more fun to play with family and friends
yea american football. but hopefully there will be one. might as well make one for all the sports. lol. next thing you know mario ice hockey or mario water polo. lol. somethin like that.