LoL funny thought!


Aug 6, 2006
So with the Wii in all and not so many buttons, will we see different types of cheat codes like: Swing right, swing left, bash the air, A, flip the controller in the air making it do atleast 3 flips then have it land facing the tv in your palm, 1

lol its gonna be weird (and yah the second last one was a joke, but who knows, to cheat now you maybe might have to have skill, then people could say: im a pro-cheater)
Not too weird, but I think the joke you just said people will not take it so long as a joke.
it seems pretty funny, but it also seems like it might be true in the future. well whatever, it would be cool 2 have cheat codes like that
cheating is like unplugging/blocking/hacking the sensor, then moving to wii controller? i dont know. something to trick the sensor.

"Get all weapon Cheat": Swing right, left, right, left, flip, twirl, bark like a dog, take out disk, re-insert, do a barrelroll, then spin, and twirl 3 more times.

thats for grand theft