Zelda Faq


Aug 6, 2006
While stated on Go Nintendo you did have some errors, so far I only found one.
41. Are the controls different on the Wii?

The Wii version will obviously make use of the Wiimote along with the analog attachment. Of course, the analog stick moves Link around, and the A button is still action, and B is still your sword. Left, Right, and Down on the D-Pad are your items and Up summons Midna. The Z1 shoulder button on the analog attachment is for locking-on and centering the camera. The Z2 trigger button sends Link into first-person view manually. To change items, point the Wiimote at one of the items slots and press A, and select your new item with A. This is said to be just as easy as clicking a menu with your mouse.

They announced B will be used for bringing out your bow while the sword is swinging the wiimote

I couldnt find any others, but hope you will fix that

i love the faq, awnsered questions i had (the lag thing) and questions i didnt even have, well the lag thing is cool, i always thought of it as a goodie cause its always nice to see time freeze for a split second while you strike the guy, anyways yah im rambling on blahblah