The Complete Guide To Wiimote Problems


My wii remote will not sync.! :wiimote:
i have tried
* New batteries
*Unplugging and re plugging
*basic 1+2 button
Hi guys!

I recently received a new wii remote plus but discovered that it makes quite loud noise when it vibrates compared too the remote i received with my wii. This is as good as silent. Is this normal?
After unplugging my Wii and moving some furniture around, I'm having trouble with my remotes. They work on the Home page and start, but once the game is loaded, they don't work. I'm not sure if the problem is the console or the remotes. Any advice? I have restarted and reset everything.
wii mote and nunchuck

hi, i apologise in advance if this is the wrong spot but seemed to deal with wii motes so here goes

i brought my girls new pink wiimotes and nunchucks for xmas, the wiimotes work fine, but when i connect the nunchuck the player select screen shows it but does not click ok it will not let me go any further, it tells me that the wii motion plus or nunchuck is not fitted correctly.

i have pushed it in and heard it click and cannot see why it would not work, i have connected them and then reset the wii console with them still connected but to no avil.

please help as i have two girls going nuts cause they cant play there xmas present.

thanks so much :wiiconsole:
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well intresting development i jsut went to play table tennis in wii sports resort and it wont let me as its telling me one or more wii remotes do not have the wii motionplus accessories connected.
they are built in like the one i got with my console and it vibrates when i sync it so i know it works.
please help otherwise i have brought something that is useless to me and as a mother on a pension i can afford to go and buy 2 more controls and nunchucks and motionplus so my girls can have a game that they enjoy playing
thank you for all your help in advance it is very much appriciated
Only my original remote (that came with) seems to work for the "Press A to continue" screen. Why can't I just use any of my 4 remotes for this?
Only my original remote (that came with) seems to work for the "Press A to continue" screen. Why can't I just use any of my 4 remotes for this?

the wiimote that came with the wii is 'linked' as your 'main' wiimote. refer to the manual on how to change this, but only one wiimote can operate as your 'main' wiimote at a time.
Only my original remote (that came with) seems to work for the "Press A to continue" screen. Why can't I just use any of my 4 remotes for this?

If you sync your other remotes to the Wii, any of them should work as controller #1. At least, that's how it is in my experience. I can pick up my pink Nyko or my white remote and either one will turn on the console which accepts an "A" button push from either to continue.

Syncing is easy: pull the battery cover off your wiimote and open up the SD cart location on your Wii. You should see a little button titled "sync" on both the console and the controller. Press the button on the controller and the Wii and they should sync.

Hope this helps.
Okay I have an annoying problem with my wii remote. Just bought Goldeneye. Getting ready to relive my youth and the cursor will not work!! I have searched the internet and pretty much tried everything. Its not the sensor bar (did the digital camera technique - all sensors were on and working). Re-synched my wii remote (hit the red synch button on wii and wii remote). I even tried a friend's remote. The only thing that works is the home button and the + and - buttons. All I can do is navigate the home screen! I've heard of the blue tooth module going out, but it seems weird that some buttons are still working.

Any help would be great. Thanks!!!
Hey, got a problem with one of my wii remotes, hadn't used it in a while and when I turned it on it too a while to sync but the lights on the remote are a dark blue colour rather than the illuminous blue like normal. During game play it can work ok for a few mins then its hit or miss, any ideas what could be wrong? (Batteries are fine by the way, tried a few different sets, all new)
My brother threw down the wii remote because he was angry. The only way it will work is if i put it upside down. Can i fix this?

Also, My nunchuck isnt working. No matter how many times i unplug and replug it. It says that a nunchuck is not connected. Can i fix this to?
Simple information but extremely useful. Thanks for putting this guide together.
I am having a problem with my Wii remotes. First off, I have had this Wii for two years, and I have synced, re synced, etc., many times. I was using my Wii last night, when one remote stopped working. I changed the batteries, still did not work. It is toast. No lights, no nothing. At this point, all three of my other connected remotes lost their sync and will not re sync. I have changed the batteries multiple times. The remote lights flash, but that's it. I have tried every thing involving pressing the red sync buttons. I have tried unplugging the console. I have tried everything that I can find posted on the Internet. Does anybody else have any ideas?