Wiimote problems


WiiChat Member
Dec 26, 2006
I seem to have a defunct wiimote and Im not able to fix it...
Every time I turn my wii on, my wiimote doesnt connect to the wii... I have to synch it up by opening the controller pressing the button, then pressing the button on the wii next to the SD slot... Then when I go to channels, the wiimote isnt synch up anymore... Its really annoying... My other wiimote doesnt have this problem... Does anybody have an idea to fix it?
well, if it only happens for that remote. And if all the rest work fine with the same method/settings, then you sir have a faulty wiimote :p
Happened to one of the remotes I bought as well. I would have to resync it when moving around in the channels and it would become unsynced when starting games. I returned it and got another to replace it, all of them work great now!