The Complete Guide To Wiimote Problems


Dec 2, 2006
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- The Complete Guide To Wiimote Problems -

In the past few weeks i have seen an increase on "my wiimote isn’t working!!" threads. So i decided to make this guide to help newbies get their wiimotes sorted out, and get problems fixed. So here we go!


DSC00262 6.JPG Number 1, These 4 flashes mean you have full battery power. 3 flashes = 75%, 2 flashes = 50%, 1 flash = 25%. If the Wii is on, the flashes should turn into a continuous light at one player. If not, then you may ave a problem.

DSC00259 6.JPG Number 2, No flashes? Open up the back of the Wiimote. This is where most of the problems occur, so carefully open the back. You can now (if you just got your wii) put in the batteries in the right places.

DSC00260 6.JPG
DSC00266.JPG Number 3, Synch the remote! When you first get your wii, you should already have read in the manual that you should synch the remote. Hit the Red button next to the SD card slot (shown) and then the one next to the batteries on the remote (also shown). The remote should now be connected. If you hold down the synch button on the Wii for 15 seconds, all remotes will be disconnected.

DSC00263 6.JPG Number 4, You did it! if you have a continuous light like the one shown, then you have successfully connected and fixed your problem. simply press A to get into the Wii home menu, and do what you like!

DSC00261 6.JPG Number 5, If none of the Above worked, then you must need new batteries. Simply remove the old ones, and put in some brand new ones. This should fix the problem. if not, try re-synching.


Do i have to re-synch, every time i play Wii?
No, just the first time, one for each remote. And maybe if you get disconnected somehow, and need to re-connect.

Im having problems, even after your Guide, now what?
Try Turing off the Wii from the main power supply (the plug itself), wait a few seconds and then turn the wii back on from the plug. then try all the above again. Also, I wil help you out if you PM me!

Im worried ill break my wiimote, is the strap really safe?
Its extremely safe, especially the second version. If you got your wii on launch day, and your worried, contact Nintendo and they will give you some better quality straps. Otherwise, its fine.

I want to turn off the sounds coming from my remote, how an i do that?
G into the remotes settings on the wii. you can also modify rumble and other things.

Does my wiimote have memory?
Yep, you can store you mii on it, so you can take it to your friends house and show off your skills and/or how you made your mii. You can also trade miis this way.

How much do i have to pay for my new straps from Nintendo?
They will send you 4, for free!

How far from the Wii can I be and still use my wireless Wii Remote?
Nintendo claims the wireless range of the Wii Remote is 35 feet.

Up to how many Wii Remotes can be used with the system at once?
Up to 4 Wii controllers can be used at once with the Wii system, each using it's own wireless bluetooth technology. This also depends on the game.

FAQ's Will Be Updated
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Could be better but other then that its great!

good details and such

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in what way could it be better, tell me so i can impove it :)
read step 1,

2 = 50
2 = 25.. . . .:lol:

There are a few problems so just read through and edit one or two little bits of it:cornut:
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i fixed all the problems i could find :D thanks for the tip.
would 1 block mean 25% life remaining. .
hm.... looks like I started a tutorial revolution. I'm still waiting for my search and rep tuts to be stickied......

You're not threatening me with rep, so I'll throw some at ya.
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Brawny said:
By the way, how much did I put you up? I'm trying to figure out exactly what the formula is for repping power compared to earned rep.

you put me up aorund 3 lol maybe 4...
You should probably add that if you hold the sync button on the console for 15 seconds, you disconnect every wiimote already synchronized to the console. Nice guide anyway :)
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Guitarsmasher108 said:
how would you store your miis on your wiimote? i would like to do this.

In the Mii plaza, there is an option on the side that says "save to wii remote". Then you can take it where ever you want! Hope i helped.