Problem using a 2nd Controller


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Dec 29, 2007
I am having problems getting a second remote to work with my wii. I have to synch the 2nd remote everytime I start the console.

Here is what happens...start the console, hit A on remote #1 at the health and safety screen, hitting A on remote #2 causes remote #1 to lose both remotes are dead.

The only workaround I have found is to resynch the #2 remote with either the red buttons or by resynching both remotes using the controller settings on the wii menu. Also sometimes after I do this and hit "Start" on the disc menu screen to start a game, both controllers will lose their synch.

By the way, as long as I only use one controller and play solo, the wii works like a champ (as long as no one touches the 2nd controller). It's the 2nd controller that causes the wii to lose its' mind. I have also tried swapping controller #1 with controller #2 in the above sequence to no avail.

I have contacted Ninendo and have made arrangements to return the wii, remotes and sensor bar for repair but I was hoping that someone had a solution to this so I don't have to be without my wii for a few weeks.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
after you get out of the health and safety, try turning on the 2nd wii-mote. or are you already doing that? and when the 2nd one turns on, does it say player 2 or 1?
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Thanks for the response.

When I do what you suggest, the four lights on the 2nd remote flash and then nothing....also it seems to cause the 1st remote to lose synch.

When I synch the 2nd remote manually, it synchs as player 2 (the 1st remote is already synched as player 1).