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Apr 30, 2006
Important Tips:
It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you use some form of instant messaging between yourself and your opponent when in battle. This can speed up the process drastically.

Here are the most commonly asked questions and their answers:

Q: How do I start a battle?
A: There are two ways to be in a battle. If you want to challenge another person, click Battle in the menu, then click the "New Battle" button. Enter a name for the battle, the name of the member you wish to challenge, a password for the battle, and an amount to wager (optional). Your friend will get a PM with the information, and can join the battle from there. On the other hand, if you are challenged by another person, check your PM inbox for your challenge and join the battle that way.

Q: OK, I'm in the battle. How do I fight?
A: If it is your turn, you will be given a few choices on what to do. General choices are to attack with your weapon, defend yourself, use an item, retreat, or request a draw. Select the option you want, then put a message to say in the box below (optional, but fun). Click Submit Action and sit back. Tell your opponent to refresh the page and it will be their turn to attack. Repeat the process until someone is defeated.

Q: When I try to battle, it says that I need to update my stats in the User CP. What do I do?
A: Go to your User CP and click "Edit Profile". Change the options near the bottom (anything that relates to RPG). Check the "Update My Stats" box and submit.

Q: My stats are up to date, but when I try to battle, it still says that I'm ineligible for battle and that I need to update my stats. What's up with that?
A: Before you go into battle, the system checks for a few things. If you have no money, no HP (you are dead), are banned, or a few other reasons, then you will not be able to battle. Healing yourself or gaining some money should fix that problem.

Q: When I put a wager on my battle, it says that I don't have enough money to wager. What's wrong?
A: Well, it's most likely that you don't have the amount of money that you wagered. Check the amount you wagered and try again.

Q: I'm in battle, but my opponent won't attack and I can't leave battle. What should I do?
A: If you're in "Battle Limbo", you won't be able to battle another person, nor will you be able to buy items or gain money. Battles that remain inactive will be stopped in 24 hours from the time they are started, but you can also PM an administrator to end the battle.

Q: I'm dead! What do I do?
A: Heal yourself, duh. Go to the healing center to heal yourself.

Q: Can I make my own clan?
A: Yes, you can. You can create an "Alignment" with up to five classes for a fee. You will be given a certain amount of points to spend on each class for RPG benefits such as HP, MA, etc. The cost for your own alignment is 7,500 Coins.

Q: Can I have my own shop?
A: Of course. Go to the Item Shop and click "Buy Personal Itemshop". You can set up a shop for a fee, and you can sell up to 10 items, each at any price you set. You'll earn any money a person spends at your shop, minus a 15% tax.

Q: What is the Bank?
A: The Bank is a place you can store your money and earn interest. Just click the bank in the Item Shop and deposit or withdrawal any amount you wish.
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both very good questions, i'll have to get back to you on them though :p
Why does the item store have a certain quantity of items. ;) i know that makes it harder but that would suck to finally gain enough gil to buy something, and then find that it isnt there. How often are the quantity's refreshed? or does the quantity depend on other people selling that particular item to the store?...

*annnnnd one other thing, i noticed that monsters have exp bars too, that have exp. so when we lose against them, do they get stronger too? that would also suck if you started a new character but couldnt train because all the beginning monsters were way too high levels ...

*correct me if i am not understanding all of this, this rpg feature is new after all.

* ok this is about the third time i have edited this post but, do you also lose exp when you lose a battle? because i think i did...

atleast people will learn the answers to all these questions when im done :D
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i tried inviting people in my clan but most people already had clans n i couldn't invite them, plz fix this problem i0n
Supermariomp3 said:
i tried inviting people in my clan but most people already had clans n i couldn't invite them, plz fix this problem i0n
if people are already in clans, that means they want to be in that clan.
not really ... they may have made a clan just to make one and try it out. that doesnt mean they want to stay in a clan with no people :p

i havent made one yet because i want to join other clans, i dont want to make one until later.

*EDIT Ahhh!! NOOO!! i was on a perfect winning streak then i got killed, 15 wins, 1 loss. I dont know how i got killed ... i think it did more damage than it was supposed to ... :lol: UNFAIR!!! i demand to be given 95 free levels!
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umm. why are all the i-bot monsters female and human? lol. for everyone, it says:

"race: Human
Gender: Female"
Too many questions...and way not enough answers. Sry i0n I know this is a big job 4 u, thx 4 doing all this.

*Edit* I know, that's hilarious.
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To be honest apart from the FAQ i posted up there isnt really that much documentation - which i find surprising, guess we'll just have to figure this out for ourselves?

Cant really be this hard can it? :p