Role play game feature?


Apr 30, 2006
Just a quick interest check on a possible new feature for the forums. :)

The RPG hack adds a whole new level of fun to a forum, by allowing uses to duke it out in a fierce battle. Use items to turn the tide of the battle, or use powerful spells to bring down an opponent. Or you can just rely on the good old sword to cut your enemy down to size!
Create or join a clan to amass an army and conquer the boards.
Patch yourself up after a hard battle.

Basically there's tons of features, you will earn money (Gil) on the forums based on quality posting etc and you can use that currency to buy weapons from the store or to heal yourself.

There really is a lot of features and i dont think i'll properly understand it all until its up and running but for now here are a few screenshots.

Let me know if this is something you'd like to have here.


  • rpg_battle_battlefight.PNG
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This is brillant, Amazing, incredible.........!!!!!! u have to do that really i0n!
Oh, I love RPG hacks! I've had some good experiences with them in the past.

An RPG hack would be a great addition to Wiichat! There is more than one way to level up. Besides, fighting monsters, your posts will give your experience points (the longer the post, the more experience), not to mention money. This would help increase activity at Wiichat! This also opens up the possibilities for clans and clan battles.

I vote a big YES! ^_^
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Looking like a big YES so far, will give it a few more hours.
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All installed and running now, need to fine tune the settings and add some values for the weapons - if anyone has had experience with this before drop me a PM :)

Edit: Go here to set your character up:
got mine setup :) lvl 2 black mage FTW!!! lol

EDIT: how do we get Gil? i only got 5 and need like 180 in order to buy a wepon:sick:
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dont forget to add music!! i saw there was an option to choose music but there wernt any songs. maybe you could add an option for people to upload their on songs (if its possable) that way it would make it even better than ever. heh, battleing someone with Linkin Park playing would be awsome
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haha, yea music is an option - i'll see what i can sort out.