Looking for people to play SSBB and CoD with

name is wedance heres my code for smash and cod

smash code is 0473-7791-8320
cod code is 3266-0328-3712
We already have an official thread for Friend Code exchanging, specifically for Call of Duty: W@W. Please use it, or the official FC Exchange Thread instead of creating a duplicate thread.

^ CoD: W@W Friend Code Exchange Thread

We also have an FC Exchange thread for Brawl, as well as an entire sub forum dedicated to setting up matches. Please use those threads.

^ Brawl Match Finder Forums

^ Brawl FC Exchange Thread

You can also use the following thread for exchanging any other Wii games' Friend Codes.

^ General FC Exchange Thread

Also, would you mind reading the rules? Thanks!

^ Rules/FAQ
Ahem.. If you havn't noticed my post from before, you may want to read it. Mainly, because responding to spam(which this thread is)is against the rules. Please use the threads I supplied and cease posting here.

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