Looking for these Wii accesories......


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Feb 5, 2009
I am looking it see if nerf makes a wiimote sleeve or nunchuk sleeve.
I love the idea of something soft between my wiimote and the flatscreen.
Does Nintendo make a wireless gamecube controller for the Wii?
don't forget the value of the wrist strap :)
if your wii did not come with the awesome remote jacket then check this link out (US)

the wii has a "classic controller" that plugs into the remote (somewhat cordless)

the GCN WaveBird is the only true wireless gamecube remote (discontinued).

it's pricey on ebay since they are becoming rare.
more GCN 3rd party WaveBird Clones are available, but people think they have a light feel.
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Thanks for the input!

Yes my new Wii did come with one kool jelly controller jacket. I called Nintendo and told them I purcased an extra Wiimote (without jacket) and they sent me three more covers. As for the controller, I am a previous Gamecube owner. So I am getting some used Wavebird asap! Wish I hadn't sold those now :-( I can get 2 used Wavebirds for $30 on craigslist, not too bad. I just can't see playing allot of these games with the wiimote when I get back my Wavebirds. I am so used to it in games like Smash Brothers, and Mario Kart! The wii mote is cool with the wheel and stuff. But in Mario cart I was all off the track in 14th place trying to steer with that wheel and the wiimote inside :)

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