Looking to trade my Nintendo Wii for a PS3.


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Jul 21, 2009
Hello all, first off apologies if this is the wrong place to post this thread.

I'm looking to trade my Nintendo Wii Bundle inc 5 Games, 2 controllers & 2 nunchucks for a Sony Playstation 3 (any size hard drive), 2 controllers and Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 & Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009 (games not massively important).

I own the following:

Nintendo Wii console - Fully boxed and all cables etc... (cost £190).

2 Wireless controllers.

2 Nunchuk controllers - 1 of which cost £17.99.

1 Quad Remote Charging Stand which can hold up to 4 wireless controllers. You will never have to buy any batteries again for this as I will throw in 4 rechargables for the 2 controllers (cost £19.99).

5 Nintendo Wii games:

- Fifa 2009 - All Play (cost £37.99)
- Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009 (cost £39.95)
- Super Mario Galaxy (cost £29.99)
- Zelda - The Twilight Princess (cost £39.95)
- Wii Sports

All games are boxed with instructions.

2 Dowloaded Virtual Console games:

- Bomberman 93
- TV Show King

Internet Channel downloaded onto Wii Console - allowing access to the internet direct from your Wii Console.

As you can see this is a fantastic bundle which has cost me about £375.

I also drive so I would be happy to deliver the Nintendo Wii to your door step as long as it within a resonable distance to where I live.

Any questions please feel free to ask, I am 100% honest, genuine and reliable.

Thanks for looking.
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Actually, selling stuff here is against the rules...not that many people care here anymore. But don't be surprised if Napalm closes this.

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