Mario Galaxy: Cover Mockup


Jul 1, 2006
Using the newly released high resolution images from Nintendo I have quickly designed a Super Mario Galaxy cover mockup using a similar design to my SSBB cover mockup, and sonic7's eariler mock as a guide. Here is the mock, and I hope you like it:


I wish Nintendo would use a simple subtle design for their game case headers similar to mine.
Awesome kina looks better than some of the other mock covers I've seen
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Thankyou very much for your encouraging comments everyone :). It's great that Nintendo have released many high resolution images of game logos and screenshots. Hopefully they will provide high resolution SSBB logos and screenshots aswell :).
I SEE A FLAW!!!!! OMG!!! lol anyways, inbetween the E and P in super, should marios pants be showing?

anyways, i just made my own. looks the same as yours but a little diffrent (like i took out the black space thing in the mario galaxys logo but left the stars and i added more stars to the top area) what you think of mine?
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That looks excellent Mitch :), and it's nice how you've positioned mario so that the trail of stars are all visible :). Hopefully the real Super Mario Galaxy cover will look similar.
well the Wii is going for simplicity so i would assume they would keep the first party covers as simple as possable