Mario Kart motorcycle Tip?

Read the manual.
To do a wheelie with the wii wheel or 'mote/chuck combo, flick the remote up.
Use a wiimote+num chuck if your using a bike. And jolt up with a flick of your wrist, and the trick is not to move your arm. To get out of a wheelie (for more control) use manual drift for a split second.
-Boz- [UK];1025354 said:
A tip for motorcycles

Don't use them

Don't listen to him. Use what you want.

They've already said how to do a wheelie with the wiiremote with or without the nunchuck but for the GC or Classic controllers press up on the D-pad to start one. It ends automatically after awhile or you can press down to stop it quickly. or start a manuel drift.
Doing it with the wheel can be tricky at first. You should flick the wheel back quickly and hold, so the wii remote feels a jolt of movement. I always use the wheel and a motorcycle.
I also use classic and moto. I find the moto are sooo much better, seriously, the wheelies are OP'd IMO.

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